Concert-clôture du DEANS’ Forum

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Concert-clôture du DEANS’ Forum 28/08/2015 MINES ParisTechParis


The « Dean’s forum » entitled « Creating talents for a new world » was organized by Mines ParisTech on 27-28th August 2015, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the school return in the heart of Paris. Since this come back, the world has moved, becoming more digital and open to the international. Universities and French “Grandes Ecoles” have to overcome new challenges to prepare the new talents to the world that is being built. Nowadays, new keywords define the professional area: data explosion, multidisciplinary skills, flexibility, open source data, globalization, diverse career pathways, entrepreneurship… It is then important to adapt teaching to this new landscape, and this forum provided a real opportunity to exchange about pedagogical practices with deans of the whole world.
In France, major projects have been initiated to make the French universities more prestigious and competitive at the international level. One of these projects, presented by Thierry Coulhon, President of PSL “Paris Sciences et Lettres”, is to unit several high level entities from the heart of Paris under the same institutional entity: PSL, to be more visible and attractive. These developments will shortly change the university landscape in France. This forum was also the opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs who build their start up after their engineering studies at Mines ParisTech. Among them, Franck Le Ouay, who co-funding Criteo and Honestica, talked about his experience. Entrepreneurship is also an integral part of numerous curriculums to teach to the students to be innovative in various contexts and to understand the needs of a constantly changing world.
To conclude this forum, a slide show redrawing the history of Mines ParisTech for these two hundred years, was illustrated musically by a string orchestra of young musicians coming from French or European high schools of music, supervised by the young conductor Marc-Antoine Novel.